Pass Plus

pass plusPass plus is an advanced course that can give you up to a massive 30% discount on your insurance policy. Pass plus is an advanced course that a lot of new drivers take. After passing the driving exam you are deemed in the eyes of the Driving Standards Agency to be adequate to drive alone, whether you had no minors or just scraped in.

Because you will have never driven on a motorway and have little to no driving experience in difficult areas such as inner city, this course has been designed to lift you to a better standard quickly.

Over 6 hours we would cover the following:

  • Night Time
  • Severe Weather
  • Inner City
  • Motorway
  • Country Roads
  • Dual carriageways

These 6 lessons have been designed to help not just with areas you have not covered in your classes, but to improve your general driving skills and standards.

The Pass Plus course has been deemed to be so helpful in lowering the chances in you having an accident, most Insurance companies will give you up to a massive 30% discount on your policy.

It makes senses; complete your training with the only course that will completely pay for itself.

What our students say

Mark is an excellent teacher, very flexible with lesson times and days, easy to contact and I felt he was extremley easy to get on with and always very supportive - Sophie (Solihull) ----- " A good guy, excellent teacher, explains everything clearly.Teaches safe driving rather than just to pass the test - has also taught my sisters" - Jon (Solihull) ----- "With Big Fish, I passed the test first time. I also did Pass Plus and found it extremely helpful!" - Jonathan (West Midlands) ----- "Would recommend Mark to anyone who wants to learn to drive" - Lucy (Birmingham)